What & Why I Believe


A systematic survey of the content of the Christian faith for today’s people in 160 questions, answered from the Bible

Auteur: Martin Tensen
Uitgave: Coconut
Pagina’s: 400
ISBN: 9789072698094

European Christian Book of the Year 2008

A handbook for young and old, students and teachers, layman and pastors
Bringing theology to the heart and mind
With supporting website www.whatandwhyibelieve.com

This book gives a modern-day summary of the nine subjects of systematic theology. Using relevant Bible verses as a base, it seeks to provide answers to honest questions. This method provides your faith with a firm foundation. The 160 questions and answers are enriched with diagrams, quotes, word studies, illustrations, discussion topics, information on Church history and apologetic themes. The material is ideal for use with a group, but can also be used for personal reference. It is a solid base for a contemporary Bible study class.

This book not only states what Christians believe, but also, more importantly, why. It is the ancient message of the Bible in a clear translation for our time and culture.

Quote from a teenager
“We used this method in our teenage group to dig into the Bible together. We were encouraged to ask all our questions. When I was in secondary school, I thought the material was quite heavy. But since I’ve started at college, I realise the importance of what I learned. In discussions, I recognise the thought patterns of other people, including their arguments. I know what I believe and I can explain it. This is a fantastic foundation!”

Number of pages: 400 (full colour)
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